Who is an Ideal Sister?

The dictionary defines a sister as a girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others.

The Ideal Sisterhood is a Sorority, comprised of homemakers, business women, volunteers, executives and retirees, uniting to create relationships that last a lifetime.  We believe in the value that all women bring to the lives of others. We are a diverse group of women who range in age from our mid 20’s throughout the rest of our lives. We are a very unique Women’s Business Networking Group, as well as a Women’s Social Networking Group.

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Throughout my 20+ years as a professional business woman, I have been involved with numerous business and networking organizations and, although many were helpful to some degree, I always came away feeling that something was missing. Finally, I stopped and tried to determine just what these organizations were lacking. Why didn’t I feel inspired and connected with other members? Where was the support and encouragemen that would help me grow, both professionally and personally?

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